Reaching Your Market - How to Get Traction

Did you know there are 19 ways to "Reach Your Market?" From press releases, to SEO, to online ads, to trade shows, to speaking engagements, and more. How do you know where to start, where to put your efforts, and where you might actually get customers from? Regardless of whether you are an online startup or an established Main Street business, getting traction is important. Developing a high level of business traction is important to any start-up business and should be a large part of any businesses growth plan.

Brad Attig will take you through a hands-on workshop, where you will learn about the 19 paths to gaining more customers and more importantly, how to identify the top 3 paths which can accelerate your business now.

This workshop is sponsored by Corvallis Foundry and is free. You must register and attendence is limited to 12 attendees.