Impact 2018 - What Did We Do?


We're not much for looking behind us but.....we've been looking at all we did in 2018 and feeling a little like bragging. When we opened, we really weren't even sure we'd be successful but with all of your support we feel we've had some solid impact.

Please join us for little bites and drinks on Tuesday, February 5th at 6 PM to hear a what's happened at Corvallis Foundry in 2018 and more importantly, what's planned for 2019.

While we have huge plans for 2019,  what happened in 2018 set the stage. All of you set the stage. You joined, participated, partnered, sponsored, shared, and contributed.

2018 at a glance.

We organized a number of Women in Tech, Science, and Engineering events connecting women to women in areas where networking events are scarce.

We offered our conference room to 500 Women Scientists who took on the plastic straw in our area and you can see the results at many bars and restaraunts.

We launched Pitchfork, where early-stage food and beverage entrepreneurs come together and share ideas, dreams, thoughts, needs, and frustrations. From Pitchfork emerged our 2019 initiative to launch a kitchen incubator in the region.

We held Creative Corvallis events focusing on the need for a makerspace/incubator so that you all can prototype and create things and build businesses around them. These events have spurred us to work aggressivly on locating space where people can access the tools and resources they need to make stuff that sells.

LBCC SBDC held numerous workshops at Corvallis Foundry, helping people act on their ideas and start new enterprises. 

Corvallis Game Developers and WordPress held meetups and events in our space. These early-stage MeetUp events connect strangers around common interests and are often the begining of an entrepreneurial ecosytstem.

We held the 1st Annual Startup Resource Fair at the Odd Fellows Hall with 29 exhibitors and 150+ attendees.

We try to live by three letters MSH (Make Shit Happen).

2018 saw a lot of MSH but as BTO (Bachman Turner Overdrive) sang, "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!"


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