Corvallis WordPress Meetup

Corvallis Foundry MeetUp Series

Corvallis WordPress MeetUp

Corvallis WordPress MeetUp is a group of local WordPress developers, designers, and publishers who get together to share our knowledge and experience, and to meet other WordPress users in the area. This WordPress Meetup is open to all who love WordPress --- join us! Learn more about WordPress Meetups at

January WordPress MeetUp Agenda:

WordPress 5.0 is slated to be released by the time this meetup happens, and with it comes the new content editor (codenamed Gutenberg) which will be the default editing experience. This will present an array of new possibilities as well as challenges. Let's discuss how things are going for people so far. 

The Future Of WordPress - My Interview With Matt Mullenweg On Gutenberg, Page Builders & WordCamp US

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